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Company Policies

At Gecko Casino we have established these basic rules for the protection of our clients and our business. Management reserves the right to revise all rules and regulations.

All phone calls will be recorded. In the event of a dispute all parties agree to be bound by the recording.
Any person attempting to defraud Gecko Casino will have their account closed.
All rules, regulations, and payoffs listed are subject to change without prior notice.
Gecko Casino reserves the right to preclude or terminate membership of any client at any time. Funds will be returned to client.
Each client is required to identify himself by his account number and password on each call to Gecko Casino.
Account balances must be verified before the placement of any wagers. Any discrepancies must be resolved before future wagers are placed.
Account balances reflect pending plays and any wagers on future propositions.
Customers cannot risk more money than is available in their account.
You must be at least 21 years of age to join Gecko Casino.
Management reserves the right to refuse any bet, from anyone, at any time.
No person may have more than one account at Gecko Casino.
All client information given to Gecko Casino will be kept confidential.
Gecko Casino is not responsible for clients who disclose their password and account number to other parties.
We recommend the cardholder to print out all transaction data, the rules of the game, the cancellation regulations, and the payment methods in order to avoid misconceptions and discussions at a later time and keep them at an easily accessible place.
All orders will be affected immediately.
Your credit card will be billed immediately after purchase.
After purchase the customer is able to play immediately.
If you are totally dissatisfied with the service you have recieved, we will consider your case and refund your purchase so long as your reason is valid. To apply for a refund e-mail us on
For transaction security we use SSL encryption.
It is recomended you may only participate in any gambling events if it is legal for you to do so according to the laws that apply in the jurisdiction from where you are connecting or calling. You must understand and accept that we are unable to provide you any legal advice or assurances.