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How to Play Our Games

See How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack (also known as twenty-one), is a descendant of Baccarat and Chemin-de-Fer and is often considered one of the world's most popular casino table games.

See How to Play Baccarat
Baccarat (pronounced bah-ca-rah) is the French version of an Italian game that was introduced in France in the late 15th century. Easy to learn and fun to play, Baccarat is a game to be enjoyed by everyone, even though it is often considered the most glamorous game in the casino.

See How to Play Craps
If you happen to hear a group of people making a lot of noise in a casino, they're probably playing Craps. Craps is by far the fastest table game in the casino and can often be one of the most exciting. A single throw of the dice can often win a lot of money. The game is thought to have originated in the United States, derived from a popular game that existed long ago in England.

Slot Machines
See How to Play Slots
Slot Machines were invented in the late 1800's by Charles Fey, around the same time as the technological advances that brought us the phonograph, the telephone, and the automobile. Their ease of use, quick results, and bigger payouts for smaller bets, makes them the most popular and most played game in the casino.

Video Poker
See How to Play Video Poker
Jacks or better, 10's or better, Joker Poker, Deuces Wild!
Video poker offers a poker simulation that can be played at a fraction of the cost of its table counterpart. Just like slot machines, each additional coin wagered increases the amount of the payout.

See How to Play Roulette
Roulette, a long time tradition in European casinos, is an exciting game that is easy to play. It was introduced in mid 18th century France by Sartine, a police magistrate. The winning number is determined by where a ball comes to rest in one of the 38 numbered compartments after being spun in a roulette wheel.

Pai Gow Poker
See How to Play Pai Gow
Pai gow (pronounced pie-gow) poker originated some time in the late 1800s when the Chinese helped construct the U.S. railroads. The game is believed to be a combination of American poker and pai gow, a Chinese domino game.

See How to Play Keno
The game of Keno originated long ago in China, where according to legend, this lottery game helped finance the Great Wall. Keno eventually made its way to Europe becoming very popular in Italy. The game was said to have been brought to America by the Chinese who immigrated there to work in the silver mines and to build the railroads.