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Gecko Casino provides the onshore bookmaker/agent the opportunity to contract our online and phone processing of sports, casino, and horse wagers anonymously on a very reasonable Price Per Head basis.Your clients can have the same access to 24 hour sports, horse and casino wagering that offshore sportsbooks offer. And, the sportsbook will never have your client's names, addresses, or phone numbers. The service is provided on a 100% anonymous basis!

If you are an onshore bookmaker/agent looking to minimize your legal exposure, and improve your earning potential, simply sign up for an account now.

If you have further questions you need answered, prior to signing up, see the following Frequently Asked Questions:
Agent Program Frequently Asked Questions
1 Who is this service for?
2 How does it work?
3 How am I billed?
4 What is the Price Per Head?
5 How much should I deposit?
6 What reports are available?
7 Isn't there a conflict of interest?
8 What about the promotions and bonuses?
9 Who do I contact with questions?

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